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The Dissertation Process

Tijd: December 3 2016 vanaf 18.00 to 19.00
Locatie: San Diego
Soort gebeurtenis: business
Georganiseerd door: OscarLondon
Meest recente activiteit: 3 Dec 2016

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The professor had've given us free reign over our dissertation papers. Now that we have taken an advanced undergraduate degree, it was evident That we were on our own. No one was going to pester us with academic deadlines, there were no study groups, and neither were there assignments and examinations. Dissertation writing was an overwhelming process in itself. It required the students to search Their Souls to determining if theywere ready for the academic pressure That dissertation papers brought`. Those who chose to stick would hire professional assistance from

The dissertation committee was only present when, we were defending our proposals. They were looking for a unique proposals from the students in the different academic fields thatthey had under taken. For some students, the pressure was too much, and They chose to drop out of the course altogether. The dissertation world was a lonely one Because The scholars were expected to Work On Their doctorates alone. There was nothing like classes, assignments, continuous assessment tests or examinations. Study groups werealso not available for the students to debate on the topic Ideas that had they. Most scholars usefull to make sacrifices zoals leaving Their homes, families, and states to Pursue Their goals.



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